From dogs

Make what you need with what you have. Fuck weird, creepy, gross, whatever; embrace unusual. Unusual can get the job done.

Take Jeannie Sanke, seen here in one of 60 Second Docs‘ excellent profiles.


She knits. She creates beautiful, practical garments by hand, and she does it with dog fur. Have you ever felt a dog’s winter coat? I had a Lab growing up, and used to get bags and bags of soft, downy fur when he shed. I ought to have stuffed pillows with it, or something. Maybe I could’ve sent it to Jeannie, if she’d been practicing her craft at the time. I think she had a similar thought to me — this is lovely, I should do something with it — but, unlike me, she actually did. That’s resourcefulness. That’s objectively looking at what you have. Damn, I admire this lady.

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